This Aint Love Anymore Lyrics

Michelle Poe

Just One Of the Boys

Lyrics to This Aint Love Anymore
This Aint Love Anymore Video:
you used to make me crazy
i used to drive you wild
we havent seen the sun come up
together in a while
theres still a little fire
but it aint worth fighting for
ive got a feelin this aint love anymore

cant say i dont miss you
but i dont leave long and lie
i no longer worry when you dont come home at night
truth is i dont lie awake
and i wont walk the floor
ive got a feeling this aint love anymore

there aint no song
there aint no why??
what yours is yours and whats mine is mine
there aint no easy way to say goodbye
just goodbye

I know it wont be easy
I'll get along somehow
Im leaving all my tears behind
So you can cry them now
I wont look back on what we had
Once I walk out this door
I got a feelin this aint love anymore

Ive got a feelin this aint love anymore
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