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This Silence Kills

Lyrics to Thirteen Thirty-five
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Strongest taste
loudest drop
head is filled
the thought, unlocked

you'd be thirteen
i'd be thirty-five
gone to find a place for us to hide

be together but alone
as the need for it has grown

a cave or a shed
a car or a bed
a hole in the ground
or a burial mound
a bush or a tree
or the aegean sea will do for me

for you i found a vent
in the bottom of a coal mine
just enough space for your hands in the inside

if you go
do let me know

a den or a dessert
perhaps an ink squirt
a cellar, a wishing well, a war
or a guarantee will do for me

for you i found a cell
on the top floor of a prison
just enough space for you to fit your feet in

if you go
please let me know
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