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Lyrics to Third Stone From The Sun
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Here come the pecker Wood mic wrecker Sweet like nectar MC selector Come again, keep the style I'm bustin' You think I'm droppin' acid ???only super cold does it??? Feel the rushin' through your blood and cerebellum And any man that defies, eyes will be swellin' So whatcha smellin', kid, I'll bust your melon Then I spit out the seed, you got dirty deeds You're done, dirt cheap, I'm on the greek don't sleep Melee cause the circus, but bullets run deepAnd talk is cheap, kid, it's time to make movesIt's time to make capital gains with my brainsThe song remains, the same as it ever wasAnd you can say my crew's fallin' but it never does I'm white chocolate, clockwork apocalypseInter-dimensional like Prince be sensual My interplanetary sub-galactic tactic Got ya wearin' vests like prophylactics My verbal waters rock your sons and daughters And I'll tell more lies than priests and rabbis And all the allies put together in a cipher My skin's my cell, no parole on my lifeCHORUS: Doin' time on the third stone from the sun Lucy got me on the run, kid, hold my gun I'm dealin' with the pressures, son, life ain't fun Doin' time on the third stone from the sunI'll be gettin' down and dirty by 2030 Sippin' off my forty, out deep in your shortyLordy, glory, hallelujah Like a big Samoan my sig's gonna boo yaDo-a-ditty, oh what a pity I'm blowin' up the spot like Oklahoma City We might terrorism and hold plagerismAnd blood shot vision 'cause I smoke major 'ism If you got sob stories, kid, don't tell me 'bout 'em 'Cause them tin boots you wearin' I'm a lift you outta 'emWith two shots to your bid, I ain't playin' kid I know the games that you runnin' and all the things you did And you'll say 'holy cow' if my gun go blaowClick-bang, watch me do my thang My element's in order, my attribute's eternalAnd all you duck MC's are smellin' just like the Colonel You're all fried chicken with your back side lickin'I'll play you like a snitch with the ice pick stickin' Out your eye socket and if I wanna cock it I play remelzee and pull it out my pocket I pull it out my pocket, I pull it out my pocket Yeah, I play remelzee and pull it out my pocketCHORUS

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