Lyrics to Third Party
Third Party Video:
pay no attention to me, i'm ok,
there's nothing to fear, i guess they don't see me here.
go ahead, go on with you life,
i hope you grow old, and she's your wife.
i hope the night goes well for you,
cause i won't be there, when it's through.
she didn't move when i got out of the car,
i'll never be a rock and roll star.

lay in bed, dreaming all night,
for right now i am not in your sight.
i know it will, never turn out allright,
i know the bed bugs will always bite.

mention my name when things get akward,
she leans on your shoulder, and things move onward.
it's not the girl, i feel i'm losing a friend,
you'll remember me, when this reaches it's end.
things never go as well as i plan,
i'll never be in a rock and roll band.
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