Third Finger Serenade Lyrics

Straight Edge

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Lyrics to Third Finger Serenade
Third Finger Serenade Video:
A lighted candle in the dark
Looking up above, into the stark
No ones listening, nobody cares
Nobody sympathetic and it's just not fair...
to YOU!
Staring up into the sky
Wishing that God would just make you die
There's nothing you can do so all you do is cry
I know it when I look into
your EYES!
There's nothing for you here
There's a whole world of sorrows for you
There's no one here for you
"I hate life it's sad but true"
When your sure no one understands your plight
When your sure you are fed up with life
You realize something, you hadn't thought of before
You ain't in another country, where life is like a whore
There's a world out there for you!
There's a thousand days to seek out the truth
There's a world out there for you
Your keeping life it's not sad but it's true
Your keeping life it's not sad but it is true
You finally realizing there's a life out there for you
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