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Lyrics to Think Of The Children
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When the moon has risen
That's when I leave my prison
And get back to my work

When the day is over
That's when I try to show her
But she just goes beserk

I know that God meant some things not to happen
But I'm having so much fun
A pig and a sheep aren't so different
And I'm proud of the things that I've done

Bad whisky, good times
They miss me, they're fine
I'm stuck in my mind
And I've got to get out of it somehow
Darwin did worse aboard the Beagle
I don't think that it's technically illegal

Just think of the children (x4)
I know I will

The wife's asleep
I'm with my pig and my sheep
I'm sure it's all been tried before
But I dream of my name up in lights

With the moon on the rise
I got an awful surprise
The next day they took me away
But I know that I'll see them again..
again... again...

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