Lyrics to Think Of Me
Think Of Me Video:
So now it seems this world has turned on you
The night now burns a deeper shade of blue
It feels there's nothing left that you can do
Think of me, remember me

When those you thought were friends have cut and run
So easily forgetting all you've done
'Cross time and distance, battles lost and won
Think of me, remember me

You were the one that found the best in me
You rescued me from myself
You gave me precious love unselfishly
That part of you remains a part of me

When your weary heart is in retreat
And higher ground is crumbling at your feet
The taste of life now lingers bitter sweet
Promise me you'll think of me

And when alone and lost I stood accused
And you refused to leave my side
You never cared about what you might loose
You were a friend and you've always been

The windless trouble raging at your door
Leaves you wondering what your life's been for
You won't have to wonder anymore
Just promise me you'll think of me
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