Lyrics to Think Of Me
Think Of Me Video:
I could scream out your name
hold your heart and beg you to stay
when people get too close
you close and turn away
is your heart so well hidden deep beneath it all?
that no light can shine through the wall?
I shine as bright as I can
as bright as any man
and now you see me as an unwelcome burden
your eyes have deceived you
covered up what they need to
as your heart drops down degrees
I have become your disease

and someday you'll think of me
in your dreams, memories
how you turned me away
and you said it's meant to be
only a dream for me

with love comes sacrifice
with love comes an unbearable grief
with you I felt complete
with you I felt the sweetest relief
how I'd wait for the sun to die
the precious moon to shine
your open arms await for me and caress me through the night
there's a power in your beauty that you dare not see
everything you did inspired me
but in your soul there's a sorrow
a pain only you know
no one else can reach that place
you will never let it show

all I ever wanted
all I really needed
I thought my search had ended
I thought I found my home
I thought you were my home
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