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Lyrics to Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)
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Could I hold on?
Or should I hold on to you?
Ask, I'll tell the truth;
There's nothing I should hide
And if I move to slow,
If you're bored I need to know
I'm weak to hide inside,
To force what I don't feel

If all we have is a question,
There's no hope to find a future
But something in me cries for you
It feels too real this time

I think I love you, though I don't know what love means
Girl of my dreams, or a friend that one day leaves?
Could I trust you when I've lied to myself before?
Will I do it all again to taste what I've imagined we could be?

Look what I've become;
This pressure that we feel
In a world of possibilities,
This may not prove real
But could we give enough,
Backed against a wall?
Too close to breathe,
But too far to fall

All I ever wanted was to feel you closer to me
And it's sad to feel this resistance
What once before had felt so free

Let tomorrow bee
I can't be so impatient
Pushing every answer, when there isn't any question
Let me feel good now
And though this may have to end, I hope I'm always with you
Honestly your friend
I think I love you
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