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Q Tip Talking: Lets talk about these things we see Walking across the land Lets talk about these joints I got Every body get down Lets talk about these things we see Lets talk about these joints I got Chorus: Lets talk about the rules I bring And the things we take And the jobs we hold And the land we stole And a buck or two And the love for you And the things you do (5X) I puff L's with ladies and gentlemen I break spells with faith in a burst of wind Others talk but.what they talk about? Who could walk but live what they walkabout A calm head in the middle of wartime People go down just so they could get more shine Girls wave your flag and surrender your faculty Niggaz got geez but its not really mack to me Keep it soft like we killers and often gat You walking on me guaranteed you be crawling back Abstract see it like this is the king in you Allies living one more if I'm fuckin too Dogs don't eat it up increase they feedin time I'll be damned if a mutt starts eating mine Let's stay clubbed out the moon makes it whistle Pants gripped your ass now I hope they don't fall apart Look around you tell me who else is shining girl Fat rapping cats on my dick they just whining girl That's just the magnetism that a Queens fella has Range rover gism and he fronting with his Lexus ass But watch imma drop to a bronco See me in your Bentley nigga just honk yo! And just know that your man to can get that And just thoguh that I don't really wet that And just know that this nigga here flips tracks Ooh what, whose ya, pain and slip dat The illest regiment is what I represent Get us mad you gonna see the way gorillas went Mactime I need a diamond at least a friend I fear Allah he has no start and he has no end We raise the roof up and tear the fuck up off Bucking hard like the coast guard, who's soft? Repeat chorus (3X)

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