Lyrics to Thieves
Thieves Video:
I got your heart locked up
I'm not letting go anytime soon
I stole your bad habits
But I promised I wanted all of you

I'm addicted to our nostalgia
Thinking about your accent getting higher
Your looks could kill and kiss could smother
You can knock me out with a feather

I know you have talent in jealousy
But baby you can have all of me

I can't get close enough to you
Wanna feel you in my bones
Want your heat to keep me warm
I can't get close enough to you
Your scent smells like home
Your arms swallow me whole

Your lips might bite me
But I never said pain is a bad thing
Your eyes may fight me
But your perfume sleeps beneath my sheets

I'm messed up on our love
But baby I don't think I can get enough
You stop a room and keep heads spinning
Sweep me off my feet but I keep on crawling
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