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Lyrics to They Dig Me
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They dig me, No shovel needed (YEAHHHHH)
They say she dig me, No shovel needed (YEAHHHHH)
They dig me, No shovel needed, No no no shovel needed
Chain freezin, Car speedin, This is how your boy feelin

It's the motor-city monster, Spit fast like yokahomas
Prolly hit the jewelery store, Come out lookin like a farmer
That means carrots on my wrist, Carrots on my neck
More ice on my chest, Than a polar bears pecks, I'm FRESH
And your girlfriend - Mother & your cousin know
I am something rare, Yeah rare like summer snow
Even in the night yeah my ears gotta hella glow
Dig me with no shovel needed, But I ain't say she didn't blow

I'm all about my goals, Like I'm marion hossa
Always shoot crazy shots, Think I'm carryin holsta's
Got my city on my back, But I'm still throwin boulders
And I always get stronger like a cup of some folgers
Yeah an my brothers taught me that
Always think about cash, Even if you fall flat
And never hold my tongue, Even if I think there strapped
Cause my goons is comin too, An there favorite words BRATTTT
Now a ninja turtle shell, Hit you all up on your back
Like a rat-eh tat tat, Shoulda been wise like the rat
Splinter splinter where you at, Yeah these D-Boys here
It's a Detroit thing, We all rock cartiers
And we do it more freshly, Rock hard like Elvis Presley
An when it comes to tracks, I am something like Wesley
Ok, that means I sniped these beats
Ya'll dig me with no shovel, Cause I'm too concrete

It's mister Michigans, Most magnificent
Piece on my neck lookin like I stole a fridge again YEP
An it's stunna shades down when I'm off in your town prolly cop me a pound
Got the O's for the low, Had the white by the mound
An I'm sittin on the crown, An just lookin down (LOOKIN DOWN)
Wait is this my ish? It could be but I don't want your trick (NO)
Rims look like grape fruit, Atty boy an ape too
Wanna take a shot? Here wait boy take two
Had alotta homies, But they were snakes too
Trust few, Wrist blue, Chain smooth, Who you?
Not me, Famous Boy is soo dang cocky
Test me, Get blown like an Iraqi
Haters try to jock me, Spot me n copy
That's why I'm the best with this ice, No hockey
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