These Painful Truths Lyrics

The Genues

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Lyrics to These Painful Truths
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take my right eye
gouge it out, gouge it out
i dont need it any more
take my left eye
gouge it out gouge it out
its not worth burning for

committing to all my wrongs
never felt so right
i stand firm in my actions
hoping to shed new light

my only hope this air supply
poisoning the lungs
that once breathed in me new life
with heavy heart and open mind
my eyes are searching skyward
'cause my life is on the line

take my right hand
cut it off, cut it off
i dont need it anymore
take my left hand
cut it off, cut it off
its not worth burning for

i give to you whats left
as a sign of my respect
in hopes that you will build me once again
i ask you once, and for all
to embrace me when i fall
in hopes that someday with you i will stand
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