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Lyrics to These Cars Collide
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Open your eyes this night and watch these cars collide from the safelty of these street lights. Just hold your breathe cause I just might steal it from you. Its just a dream. I must be dreaming.

They say we're running out of options. Swear I'm trading in my life. Swear I'm bleeding for the last time. They say we're running out of options.

We live such desperate, such desperate lives. You'll be the last to know. I'm feeling like a ghost, a ghost in my own town. I've given up. Put a curse on this night. Oh I've gotten so damn good at disappearing.

Feels like a good day to settle scores. So I'll take my time and watch you fold. So quick to quit and I know you oh so well. To hell with restless nights alone. They're catching up to me and you're catching on.
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