There's One In Every City Lyrics

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Lyrics to There's One In Every City
There's One In Every City Video:
Tell me exactly how to walk right out
The band's too loud. I want you now...
to tell me loads of shit I've never heard before

Everybody's begging you to come around
Baby, now I'm daring you to make a sound
The only boys you like can't wait
to head to the following town
Maybe I shouldn't of asked you for another round

You're sinking fast and you can't swim
He left you with a promise and
some stories he'll recite to his friends
and when they're back to play this state
he won't recall your name
or birth mark shape
you hide between your legs

Darling, you're breaking up
My service sucks,
"All over network" truly fucked
They sell me loads of shit
I don't want to pay for
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