Lyrics to There It Is
There It Is Video:
I just want to lie here
Looking up
I don't want everything
Everything is not enough
I know I've left this for that for...
For that
That is a rocking chair
And this is a cat

I guess that it seemed so natural
The stars were over looking the castle
Towns were turning into cities
Left with nothing but their pretty
Ideas gave us everything but this
There it is

Smiled just like anytime I see anyone
You know the friendliest face
Don't always mean too much
We were seeing eye to eye but
I wasn't listening to you
There's no weight on our words
Just legislation to push through

I followed you down every road you went
Received all the nothing that you sent
War was only in our dreams
Our dreams were just across the seas
Machinery gave us everything but this

There it is

Worlds still spinning but I'm sitting still
I never understood that
They said one hand's slow and the other's fast
I was lurching through every word you said but
I was hard to contain
My thoughts were heavy
They wouldn't rest on my brain

Time was kind of kicking me around
I'm starting to feel like I don't know too much
Tackled pages every play
My intellect was the words you'd say
Reason gave us everything but this
There it is
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