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Lyrics to Then The Jury Decides
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It's not your time boy, its not you time
Just keep in line boy, keep in line
We've made your choice boy, we've made your choice
We've got the sedative, nobody said let go
Go, we've made up your mind for you, go
Let go, get down on your knees again

Now where's my soul girl, now where's my soul
I let it go girl, I let you go
I lost control girl, I lost control
I lost the attitude, nobody said let go
Go, I've made up your mind for you, go
Go, you're taking so long, let go
I should go, let me go
It's time that we both let this go
Can't let go, can't let go
Down on my knees again
And I don't wanna let go

There's a tear in your eye and it says all I need to know
Cause I don't know, and you just don't know
Then the jury decides it and I'm not allowed to go
But I don't know, I just don't know
Now I am alone, alone, alone, alone
I know, I know, I know, I know
That the twisting is over, the hating is over
The drinking, the bruising, the burning is over
Confusion is over, the lying is over
The hating, the turning, the fire is over

Then the jury decides, I'm not allowed to go
And I'll never let you know
And the beauty's alive, the moment I walk out the door
It's good morning sunshine

Do not go, it should go, let me go
I know it's the right thing to go
And we'll go, I should go
As soon as you're back I'll go
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