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[Blue Black (Asheru)]
A daily ritual, same time everyday
He walks through the marketplace but doesn't stay
A man that leans in a dress suit but doesn't pay
But he watches and rarely has something to say
(And like all men of knowledge living in the now
Do thing that have you shaking your head and asking how
But the rules don't apply when you know as well as I
That the only way live is not being afraid to die)
Just watching and being and seeing all
Like he knew what he was seeing and had seen it all
He walks around with a smooth gaze
Never on time, never late
Never on line, never waits
Always something on his mind but never debates
But the weight of his words will make you hesitate to say
What and unusual fellow, what and unusual fellow
[With the philosopher's stone and the elixer
Give it to you straight with no chase and no mixer
Picture perfect because I come as is
And just as sure as I got mine my man has his]

[Chorus x2: Both]
And so it goes our two favorite super heros
A brother named Don Juan another Don Ganero
Theme Music provided by Yo Dinero
So come catch the tale of the crow and the sparrow

Rumor has it he's a hitman
That ran his own plan from Mexico to Pakistan
See his father's a banker from Ecksland
While his mother's a jazz singer in a big band
Son, you couldn't count his siblings on two hands
But there's something in his manner that I didn't understand
(See my philosophy is simple
I take it to the temple
And speaking to you is like speaking on instrumentals
I don't ask why but why not?
How do you think I got here in the first place
To free time and space]
What an unusual fellow, what and unusual fellow
One day he greets a man I never saw him before
Standing in the doorway at the local record store
They embraced like many times before
But this time the meaning meant so much more
[Simply speaking with cander
And rocking bright mandarin
On Sunday as imination spray
North, east, west, and south
News spews from the mouth
Asheru and Blue's new who's who up in the house)


(Days in the past when Asheru was last
But now I'm on the top, damn news travels fast)
It's Blue Black in the flesh
Of course I'm fresh
Oh you thought that I was rotten
Huh, I beg your pardon
(Let us begin
What, where, why, or when
Now let me explain like instructions to a game)
Let's do this not just say we did it
But I'm committed (Girl he's committed) to do ya
(I clock g's while some clock z's
And I don't smoke crack I smoke emcees)
The ripper, the master, the overlaudian
Playing emcees like an old accordian
I'm twisted and double fisted
Hanging out with the finest women that ever existed
Guest listed
So I enter with the confidence to dance
And end this composition with looks and glance

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