Theme From Jerome (Forgotten Words) Lyrics

Kishi Bashi


Lyrics to Theme From Jerome (Forgotten Words)
Nah-dah dah-ahh ah-nah-dah
Rah-ahh-ah rah-ahh-ah ah-nah-dah
Ahh-ah-ah ahh-ah-ah
Ah-oohh ooh-oohh oohh

After today
We speak the new
With every word
You walk from the comfort of my hand

'Cause after all
We fight the war
With enemies unseen
'Cause here we are in general

[Verse in Japanese]

[Why should we care?]
These words today
How many times I'd smile
If you'd remember me with a song

There was a girl
She fell in love
In all the sun-dried lands
Settled in, started again

And as they'd sleep
She'd sing this melody
To her beloved sons
Forgotten words from Japan