Lyrics to Them Fallen
Them Fallen Video:
I know you exist, for years i have said so
Though my arms couldnt hold you, my heart couldnt let go
Are you somewhere out there tonight still singin to me?
Ive been tempted to skip to the edge of the story
Uncover whatever this lifes keepin for me
But i know in my heart that I'd yearn all the years in between
Oh are you somewhere out there tonight still singin to me?

If fortune favours the brave & nothin much favours a slave
But the bones o them fallen make poor company
Until youve pissed all yyer fridays away

Three blasts on hr whistle to tell me she's leavin me
Onto her next port of call
Now her portarait will hang like the rest down 'The Fortune of War'
And she knows i cant sleep with no roof there above me
No matter how bitterly cold
Me old patch by the steps to the harbour'll do me no harm
No nevr so long as Ive courage & strength in me arm

I still see their faces, the names though escape me
Some whisper greetin's & some o' them hate me
Theyve murdered this city I love & silenced her call
And its them who would say it was better to love
They dont sound like theyve lost much at all
Oh, and you pray for my soul?
Ive no Gods & no masters above me & no further to fall.
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