The Year Of The Blizzard Lyrics


Bury The Light

Lyrics to The Year Of The Blizzard
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Sleep now my child
We will rest tonight
I am your shelter
From the storm outside
There is no sadness
In our song tonight
So until tomorrow
Say goodnight

At dawn, all I see is darkness
Deep snow surrounds the house
And there's no getting out

For days, we're trapped inside this fortress
The doors are frozen locked
The windows icy blocks

I know we won't get out tomorrow
It seems our freedom's taken
Replaced by desperation

And as the weeks go by in sorrow
We watch each other starve
And I prepare to carve

At a month's demand
Our supply surpassed
My secret plan
A grim repast

A chance to stay alive
In this world of frozen light
Hate to see the hunger
In your eyes
Take a piece from me
Even though I'm weakening
You will be alive
Another night

It might be insane
But there's no other way
Only one can survive
So I'll keep you alive

Ignoring the pain
I try to sustain
I hope you don't see
That I'm feeding you... me

Sleep now my child
I will keep you warm
Don't let your spirits
Be buried by the storm
Just close your eyes
Don't want you to see
Why you keep living
How much I bleed

So with this knife
I give you life

This is the last time
Come take my heart
Just as the sunshine
Comes to melt the dark

Last meal is given
The child is fed
Now the sun is risen
And I am dead

A chance to stay alive
In this world of frozen light
I took away the hunger
From your eyes
It was all in secrecy
But in piece by piece of me
I have given you
Another life
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