The Yarn Unraveller Lyrics

Alasdair Roberts

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Lyrics to The Yarn Unraveller
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Your family is haughty
And rightly so, yet wrongly lowly
No gold in store, but a trove of lore
So right, so wrong, and nearly holy

I would love to go along with you
I would love to be your fellow traveller
If that's not to be, then it's not to be
And instead I'll be your yarn unraveller

It is the wound unstaunchable
It is the healthy woman's ailing
It is the ship unlaunchable
And yet forever doomed to sailing

And also the harp of triple song
Liberator, Lancer and Marauder
And also the aze of double blade
Cleaving in and in between disorder

What sisterhood has joined together
No brother feud can ever sever

And when will you come back again?
Will I see you on some future ocean?
Or roving in some former glen?
Or just whenever you take the notion?

When weeping men and women break
And reassemble in a jumble
When the true pretender lose his throne
When the humble be proud and the proud be humbled

Now Pastor Glass has passed away
And the sponges have absorbed the Aegean
I will hitch a ride on an endless wine
From what must be fled I will ever be fleeing
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