Lyrics to The World You Make
The World You Make Video:
There's a girl in the window
and you once knew her name
ya held her hand out in the park
stayed up kissing after dark
well you were worried that your tame world would never change
so you let her go
and now it will never be the same

there's a whole world to make some beautiful
so grab hold of all your friends
love the world into it's bruises mend
if its adventure that you seek
just find another way
cuz the girl in the window has put you down as yesterday
shell put you down as yesterday
oh ya.

there's no more time today to play this game
so stop wallowing in your made up pain
the world you make will only wish you well
but it can be like hell
if you let it rain

if the girl stops grinning then my world stops spinning
thats just how I feel about my love
but you'd trade it all for ashes
just to make you more dashing
and the world will send its raindrop ashes falling down
falling down
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