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Lyrics to The World Is Changing
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Just Friends : The World is Changing


The World is changing

i think so

The world is changing

There is nothing we can do

(Couplet 1)

But my love for you will never change

That will be forever

You're the one i wanne share my life with

I wanne give you everything and more


(Couplet 2)

You're the best that ever happened to me

(to me)

You give me joy thats everything i want

(everything i want)

i will never forghet you, you're a white spot in the dark

(spot in the dark)

i will never forghet you, you're my sunshine in the night

(sunshine in the night)


(Couplet 3)

Also in badtimes you hold my in you're arms

you protect my you give my hope

you're the one who's always in my heart

You know that forver


forever.....forever (4x)
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