Lyrics to The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years Video:
Years and years have passed and the things have changed can't waste a minute stuck in regret I'll break free make today a day worth remembering I'll hold these moments close to me but I know that time flies I feel the blood rushing in my veins racing through my heart in my heart is where I keep the hope, the hope that pushes me on and on when despair threatens to suffocate my will I push forward I'll always be here even if I stand alone I'll never break these promises I've made I'll always be here holding strong to myself to my beliefs they've kept me free they've kept me alive and I wonder about these years about the road that I took and I realize it took me even now against the wall against all odds I push forward CHORUS I'm reaching out to you lets strive for connection don't lose sight of the meaning I'm reaching out to you lets strive for connection

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