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Requiem Tenebrae

Lyrics to The Wolve's Leader
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Seven years have past, the Heroes defeated,
They could erect an empire, to the glory of Darkness.
Beautiful like the Night, sad like the Moon,
I'm the wolves leader, they are my children.
Every countries we run vengeance is our guide,
Now we have founded you, you will die.
Souffrance à ceux qui ont conquis. Appelez vos chiens,
Qu'ils se nourrissent de vos carcasses,
L'heure de la vengeance a sonné.
By a long bitter night she comes. Iced of heart and soul.
With her, her travel's friends
Blood-thirsty and shaped fang.
You have killed my brother and his wife.
Remember 7 years ago, my nightmare begun.
I escaped, but I saw atrocities,
In my mind I'm not clear, because of your reign.
The end is near but who is she? Where does she come?
They see anger in her eyes, They understood...
Vengeance, Souffrance, Supplice, Qu'il périssent !
Converte nos deo, Salutarem nostrem. Alleluia.
After 7 years, sister of the Lord is back.
She's back for vengeance,
You will be damned for all your crimes
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