Lyrics to The West
The West Video:
Ayo, crusin' down Weston with them colourful hats
Gold and that black such a lovable match
The rap huxtable, comfy like bubbles and baths
Wasn't fucking with the putting brown bubbles in bags
I'm from the West, my flag got them brown bear on it
Sagged and rocked rags when my folks ain't condone it
When the folks in the stones was opponents I was postin' in my room
Staring at the wall
Wishing I was a baller, or a little bit taller
Now I'm 6'4 I want a 64' Impala
System serving the city
City staining walls up
Thinking bout my father when I look at that revolver

Nigga, ayo
Peeling off Crenshaw, Crippin' with Co$$
[?] be the boss
I'm trying not to floss the hog sauce or the Häagen-Dazs
Hopping off, holla at me, had
Mad personality, swag on
Vernon Ave, Trojan on the Trojan cap
Orange juice Simpson
Imma murk that
Circled back I seen her, she bendy, she kinda bad
If she don't know your boy tell her to hop in the back
I keep the chrome strap under both seats like my og
Cold streets put the heat back where it's supposed to be
Rollin' through the drive-in and we were loking
My niggas wasn't supposed to be back there
The West, the west, the west

Sitting on Slauson for the fish and the bread
C's on my head like the Cincinnati Reds
Fucking niggas on my business like the feds
I'm like Chauncey Billups is [?]
I called med just to get me some meds
Cough phlegm, cough red, gangrene to the head
Same thing to [?]
Now stranded on Weston like a weston with a
Bold sweater yo[?]
Chicks was all pepper cuz she knew I'd sweat her
If I was a regular
But I'm a G I threw that letter up
Cali's a G too I met her once
She told me when all them west Africans stay here, they cheddar up
Gave her gold and some child born flesh and blood
Called them Blu just to prove the west won
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