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Lyrics to The Weight Below
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I know, I know, the weight below making you cautious
Is pulling you aside pulling everything inside of you
Out in the out in the open

And I wanted to be a reason to keep the light on
Or maybe incentive, a peaceful impression to keep going

Should I, should I reflect or try moving about it
'Cause I don't wanna pause, though I never was immune to imagine
How it could be different

Part of me knows if I just let it go, I'd be alright
The other was hoping for some sort of reason to keep on trying, woah

But wait a minute
Give us your patience
Let's consider us all, consider us all once in a while

And the weight that we left behind
We're all better off without it
And it ain't even worth our time
So I ain't gonna worry about it

As long as we're still here
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