Lyrics to The Weather Coast
The Weather Coast Video:
Where the earth ends and the sea begins
And the dark clouds fall apart
Where the rain pelts like rocks upon the ground
It opens tender hearts
It's a place to lose your focus
See things differently than most
Go down the south side of the island
To the place they call the weather coast
I tell you there's been rumblings of a cargo cult
High up in the hills
They lost their bearings months ago
Now they're searching for them still
The crazed leader of the rebel force
Is a man named Jimmy Rasta
With a maddening and blank cock- eyed stare
He's courting with disaster
Palm oil for petrol palm oil for gin
To be safe from harm
The earth has lost its covering
Black soil floats out to the sea
The hard rain falls for six long weeks
Leaves gaping holes and deep ravines
They sent an advance party of policemen
Up to search for him
There's been rumours of a rampage
They won't be coming back again
His brain all soaked with malaria
Surrounded by his tribe of men
The talk down on the weather coast
Is that evil Jesus is back again
Palm oil for petrol palm oil for gin
Palm oil for soap and catholic hymns
Pray for safety from pestilence
To be safe from harm...
To be safe from harm...
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