The Way To Paradise Lyrics

Marc Anders

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Lyrics to The Way To Paradise
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After taking it I feel as easy as a flake And there ain't no border On the way to paradise And I fly away I am an eagle on the wind And the gates are open On the way to paradise See my sacrifice I'll give the load of life away And the waves keep rolling On the way to paradise I am a sailing star And my journey leads to God And the space is tumbling On the way to paradise I am a guardian Of the people's peace and luck And my mind's a windmill On the Way to paradise Dark hole I see you But I don't want to meet you The colours of love disappear Don't say it's over But I feel that it's over And my souls is just a house of fear Somebody calls me I don't want to hear it My eyes see the room once again My body is aching But I'll keep on taking The stuff that is changing a man

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