Lyrics to The Watchers
The Watchers Video:
Recognize figures, happen to make sense...
What to do and where to go

With Everything that I see,|
All the mistakes around me I did not foresee.

Looking back at the world I left behind
Giving in to my childish design
I need someone somehow somewhere.

Invite all to see the frame
a pic or who was to blame
oh well ya know that its all the same.
I watched you take off your dress eyes on his yours did rest
oh well at least you did your best if I was him then you've passed my test
Return to find me gone, I'll just drive an hour or two
then fight to stay alive.
Glass breaks, on my face thanks.... you know I hate hospitals
No one can save me now

All I see that is in front of me all I thought that I could take for free.
Who's opinions should we disagree even when ourselves we cannot see
Who's the one to blame no it can't be me why should I take my own responsibility

Fill my blood with lies of happiness, recall the days in which I lived,
in a world where I had someone I could cry on I just don't know why...

I will wake from this weakness is this just a dream?
You weren't there and I'm not here, were we so far from near?

We're standing on this path of broken glass
We'll stand before returning a loving hand!!

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)
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