The Waltz Of The Blue Devils Lyrics

Bryant Richard

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Lyrics to The Waltz Of The Blue Devils
The Waltz Of The Blue Devils Video:
All the lovelorn on the blue Avenue Stamp their feet and ask me why haven't you Been around to see them today? I shrug, I smile, I roll my good eye And here's what I say I thought I saw her up by the chimney tops Drinking beer and tossing forget-me-nots To the crowded sidewalks below I can't be sure, but it sure looked a lot like The dear friend we know But then I walk and I crawl to your basement And offer my shoulder to pillow your chin You raise yourself slowly up on one elbow And say let the waltz of the blue devils begin! And we dance like demons down in the furnace room Spill red wine, green weed we might burn us some Spin around and hold on real tight We strut, we glide and we dance the Waltz of The Blue Devils Tonight!

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