The Waltz Continues Lyrics

Brian Kennedy

Goodbye To Songtown

Lyrics to The Waltz Continues
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Oh Frances just stop where you are
Will you listen to us
We're supposed to be friends
So how come that each time we talk
It ends up like this
You say you're right and I say you're wrong
'Cause I'm sure I'm right
And you say my logic is totally gone
And the waltz continues

Oh Frances be still for a while
And I swear I won't say a word
Come on now crack a smile
You really have to laugh
This is just so absurd
Put on your coat there's a fair come to town
I'll pay the man, we'll spend the day on the merry go round
And the waltz continues

Our words light the blue paper
Stand back! Fireworks, sparkle and crack!
That's why I keep coming back
I keep coming back

My dear Frances deep down you know
We're both right
It's the world that's insane
It's just dot to dot, the haves to have not
But the men with the pencils have sawdust for brains
It's sad and it's funny, it's a joy and it's a groan
Let's get some beers and go to the graveyard and laugh at the bones
And the waltz continues
And the waltz continues
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