Lyrics to The Walls
The Walls Video:
(Written By Cohen, Performed In "Night Magic") (Michael) It's late, it's very late How did it get so late? (Judy) What was it we were thinking of? (Michael & Judy) We didn't want this, did we? (Judy) There must be some mistake (Michael) What was it I forgot to tell you? (Judy) What was it I forgot? There was a promise here A child who knew me A bitter bedtime story (Michael & Judy) Another house of some forgotten family It's very late There must be some mistake And now this place for none (Michael) There was a woman here A woman who knew me A table set before me (Michael & Judy) It is the walls it is the victory of the walls It is the room it is the distance of the room (Michael) Without her... (Judy) Without you.

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