Lyrics to The Wall
The Wall Video:
[Verse 1:]
Get money, new new name kimmy
500 rims between a legend I'm between many
Hermezz stairs, with a bad bitch
She horny off them oysters feed her disco stick
The ak is like a pogo stick
I put holes in a rat on some popo shit
Us open, polo shit
Don p life hoes get rozay dick
See my roof is invisible my life is great
When I die my kids got millions in my pshycial traits
It's all a race, in a zoo of logical population
Da world is a zoo and these animals is waiting
On the prey, but not me
Kamikaze, pass the judge 19k

Put my back against the wall
You know I'm goin pop that
Put my back against the wall
A 100 shooters I'l cock back

With my back against the wall
I never fall under pressure
With my back against the wall
I'm usually duckin detectives

[Verse 2:]
Homocide flash my mug shot
Cause I'm killin every nigga in sight like buck shots
Nigga run up on me think my chin is glass
I bet this 4-10 strap boy I'l spin your ass
Tony yayo is a brand builder
You ever have fillet minjuon dinners in bugatti dealers
I fuck with colombians and mexicans
That play with more keys than alicias hands
My chapol got the bezzle face
Vest with the metal plates
I'm strapped when I wear my jewels
Cause I rap nigga I ain't fooled
I click clack cause my gun game cool

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