Lyrics to The Trainwreck
The Trainwreck Video:
At last the moment has come for us to talk this out
If you think I'll take it again
You've got another thing coming.

So tell me, who do you think you are
To tell me that I don't belong here
Or anywhere at all (anywhere beside you)

I've pulled my punches for the last time
And now you'll get what you deserve
So be afraid,
I've got my ways of making you feel the way I do

So tell me, how you're feeling now
Knowing that you're hated
By everyone you know (everyone's against you)

I can only blankly stare off for so long
And listen as you tell me that you can do no wrong
Well I proved you wrong

And if I never see you again
You and I both know that it will be too soon
So fold your arms and just pretend
That you care at all if I leave standing
And hold my head up high until the end

At last the moment has come for us to talk it out
This argument is one sided so much that I can tell
Just by the sound of your voice
I'm getting closer to the real reason you're miserable
So baby, go and cry about it

Next time you see me I hope you'll want to talk about it
Cause if you think I'll take it again, you've got another thing coming
And most important of all, I'm here to let you know
I never knew I could hate until I met you

Why can't you treat me the way that you want to be treated
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