Lyrics to The Train!
The Train! Video:
I remember waiting for the train,
trying my best to change my name…

I hadn't shaved; I hadn't bathed
I looked strange "la-da-da-da-da"
but no one seemed to mind-
like me they were on their own time.

A landscape of hills and industrial yards
Old men drinking beer and playing cards…

I had no sense of modern time-
I felt like leaving my cell-phone behind!
Then I remembered the last words that I said to you:

"I'll take care!"
"I'll take care!"
"…Of you…"

My God! What have I done?
Maybe you were the only one…

And I can't afford the fare back home
the station's full, but I'm alone!
Are these the last honest words
that I'll ever say?

"I'll take care…"
I'll take care…"
I'll take care!"
I'll take care!"
Of you...

"Bye bye Marrianne! Bye bye! See 'ya never! It was great knowin' ya but I've gotta go- I'm takin' the train! Oh, you're such a sweetheart Marrianne but I gotta go baby! …Maybe one of these days our paths will meet but for now it's just "Me & The Train!"
Take care Marriane, I will."
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