Lyrics to The Tragedy
The Tragedy Video:
Take your place in the line up of the cabaret
Put on your make up and you're here to stay
A make believe come true
You tasted the limelight of the centre stage,
Devoted your life to all the people who paid
And no-one does it better than you

Come inside and they'll see what a perfect vision you are
And in time they'll believe that they can touch the stars

Oh the tragedy
And the ecstasy
Feel the agony
She's better than you at spinning the make believe

If only your father could see you now
Crawling across the floor to delight the crowd
Who're cheering all for you

You hear that the bitch has come to town
You hear that she really brings the whole house down
And they say that she looks like you
What are you going to do?

Come inside and you'll see what a perfect vision she is
And in time you'll believe that she's to blame for this

The time has come for the payback
And there's no way that she can stay
The lights have gone out and now its pitch black
You'll tell everyone she went away
You've gone way too far and there's no turning back
All I know is that she's gonna have to pay

(Thanks to Kitty for these lyrics)
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