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Lyrics to The Tortured Role
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I'll gladly play the tortured role
hating you makes me whole
it's hatred that gets me through these nights
to see tomorrow, to live and spite
I disconnect your corrupted world
I wave goodbye as I pull the cord
the deathwish finally asnwered for the faceless hordes

because I'm fucking through playing your roles....

as you wake each day to face the life that you fucking hate
the hands of time take their toll
now you're the living dead
so you run the race, chasing your plastic dreams
is that the life you want for me?
you have failed to see I don't want your fucking life

I'll choose to suffer because in pain I'm alive
this is my vow to never cover my eyes
and though I may not like the truths I find
this is one truth that I cannot deny:

no life is lived on life's terms
(so I'll do what I want until I fucking die.)
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