Lyrics to The Time Unchained
The Time Unchained Video:
Far from the sun, away from the light
I see my own life, it's ending so soon
I try to stay sane, all I feel's pain
No one to blame, I carry my cross

The clock's just ticking, mankind keeps walking
I am falling, my inner is calling
Now it's the day, it takes me away
Nothing to do, nothing to say

I can see the life's go by, falling into embrace of night
Take me darkness, take my pain, I know the time is unchained
There's nothing more I've to say, I've lost my trust, my faith
Release my soul and let it free, so I will see the time unchained

This is just for me, I'm sure it has to be
I'm too sick to feel, too tired to heal
Too blind to follow, my part is done
Now I am all alone, tomorrow I'll be gone
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