The Three Mushrooms Lyrics

Gilberto Gil

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Lyrics to The Three Mushrooms
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The first mushroom Makes room for my mind To get inside the magic room Of Dionysus' house Time is over War is over I am safe and sound I live and love I drink and eat I can leap and bound Now I am dying all my life away As well as I am being reborn Day after day The second mushroom Makes room for my body To get inside the tragic room Of Dionysus' house Time is on War is all I am busy and sad From mists of pain I rise and fall Like an endless rain Now I am doing what I have to do Fulfilling all my will of conquest Moon after moon The last mushroom Makes room for the unknown I get inside the secret room Of an unthinkable house In which I feel the grace In which I get to be the space From which I see the earth Exploding into a light That the last mushroom aroused The last mushroom Atomic mushroom

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