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Lyrics to The Theatre Of My Life
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Total darkness fills now the room, the curtain will surely open soon, and as they do I can clearly see a man and woman entering the scene. A flood of words surround me like a wave. No time, nor space, just eternity feels safe, and the words carry me down to the abyss of my soul a third man is now entering the stage and it seemed I knew him for an age. I don?t know much but I surely know his role. Chorus The Theatre of my life, life is dancing, passing by in front of my eyes. Theatre of my life, like a shadow, from the past that I left behind Theatre of my life I already know this whole play I saw it before but where I can?t say One of those real famous dramas it might be. but for sure it meant more than this to me. Scene for scene, word for word, to the stage I?m starting to gaze. Breath for breath, line for line, the play finally is showing its face. Just as the leading actor is standing in front of a sign. I realise the play they are showing is mine. It?s me, my life, my words, my sins that they are showing on stage! My thoughts, my past, my loves, my crimes they opened a secret cage! All my desires, all my own history, was for no one else but now they all can see... Chorus Tears are slowly filling my eyes. Silence took the upper hand to my lasting cries. The vague memory of a reality, is lost in the wake of my insanity. Not only what I?ve done, not only the victories I have won, but all those little things when you wished others were blind are being brought to our minds! Not only what I felt, not only who I held, but also who I hurt with my stupid stubbornness, is being brought back and nothing less! Chorus The past that I have known, the future they have shown, I can?t take anymore, trying to search for the door, in my locked mind! I?m stumbling through the aisle, knowing the play?s about to end, and soon destiny will be at hand

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