The Theatre of my Life: Act III: Falling Down Lyrics


Theatre Of My Life

Lyrics to The Theatre of my Life: Act III: Falling Down
The Theatre of my Life: Act III: Falling Down Video:
As I'm walking out through the hall,
the show is over and the curtains fall.
Another drama's wrapped in silence,
never paid attention to my mere presence.
I leave the stage behind, for I can't take the cost.
My soul torn to pieces another hero is lost.
Now I'm standing in front of this magic place
and looking at the beggar I can't bear my disgrace.
The people are passing me and I can tell,
in the eyes of others, lies true hell!

Falling down, to the mystery of life
Falling down, another answer bears its questions inside
Falling down, through the realm of infinity
Falling down, no shelter, no place where you can hide.

And you create your hell by yourself, not others as you think,
but to realise this fine line takes longer than a wink.
I am sure to leave this place now once and forever
but I can't move my legs though I make every endeavour!
The weight is too heavy and my body and soul
are shattered by the fright they have to carry along.
Broken lies my mind, no more the man I used to be,
all I can do, I sit beside the beggar, my fate is sealed.

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