The Theatre of my Life: Act I: The Sign Lyrics


Theatre Of My Life

Lyrics to The Theatre of my Life: Act I: The Sign
The Theatre of my Life: Act I: The Sign Video:
Down on Skid Row,
where all the fallen people use to go,
a sign is hanging beside the street
saying something I can hardly read.
A beggar sitting next to it every day
and I am wondering what the sign could say.
I can't get this out of my mind
I can't resist anymore
now's the time I want to know!
I'm walking up to the board
ancient letters invite me to the show...

It's a sign on the street
that is catching my sight
It will guide me into the night,
A sign on the street

Weather-beaten and decayed
A tombstone for those who have failed
Paying for this play I walk up to the door,
entering a new dimension as I have never seen before.
Overwhelmed by this 19th century entrance hall
a pale light of candles is shining from the wall
I walk into the theatre through a curtain,
on the other side everything seems so uncertain.
In the room hardly any light is near
and none of the audience realises that I'm here.


The people in this hall so strange I'd love to run
Like creatures managing their lives in the shadow of the sun.
But something holds me back I can't let go,
as I hear the magic words "welcome to the show"
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