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Clue To Kalo

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Lyrics to The Tense Changes
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"Before I leave town, know all the stunning silence is just the way it sounds. You're wasting all your time 'cause it looms outside of language and the method of your mind. You think you sense your demise just by closing your eyes? You should leave," she said, "and come and live a little with me instead. It's clear that we're settled inside and so all that I can tell you is all I know. How it is you've treated your atmosphere ... nothing ever living will find you here. Act to all be different and all the same and set ourselves to never come back here again. You can't cut ahead to the part where you're dead, so why not work in spirited ways instead, to best live out your critical days?" she said. "We could trick the physics, and pack up and go. That's all I can tell you, it's all I know."

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