Lyrics to The Superior Creed
The Superior Creed Video:
[Music: Nil, Backing Vocals: Hordemaster Christ, Gashpau, Lyrics: Totalscorn]

Long I searched what they claim to see, and the beauty derived thereof
Asking why I felt like a menace, to them - who everything solved
My differences seemed racial, though ancestors I then lacked
Until the orchard of mind opened, and I stood completely aback

Empty and enlightened, I drank of the miracles
Torn in the metaphysical, the void became a creed
As I lost all the addictions, and triumphed in deterministic rule
Propounding world perversion, in the eyes of the herd

No purity, except a tidal hatred
No sorrow, though an ego degraded
And love... I miss this false heaven

Let it embrace, no meaning of life
Never repent, no meaning in lies
Faith signed with crossbones
Ecstasy... all meaning dies!

Insanity, if I by thee could be characterised
But my laugh is not that of a madman
It is the fall of one too wise
Darkness, if thee were to be my palfrey
But with fiction even evil died
Hence I quashed my last hospice

This is the creed transcending all minds, the end of malformed tales
Reaching for every thought misbegotten, feel the void of reality's nails
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