Lyrics to The Sun Says
The Sun Says Video:
We got Reds under the bed
We got lovely's nude and tanned
We got the wife of a mass murderer
And we only paid her ten grand
We got Samantha Fox we got lots of sport
We got scroungers full of greed
"You Scum" is the headline
For you and your kids to read

The Sun says The Sun says
We're gonna look after you
The Sun says The Sun says
So it must be true

We got talk we got Lady Di
We got rapists in the dock
And best of all we got John Blake
Who knows everything about Rock
So if you wanna know what's going on
And who's kissing who
It don't cost much for a jolly good read
And lots of pictures too

Gotcha Stick it up yer Turner
Bingo Win a Metro
Songwriters: BURGESS
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