The Sun Is Grey Lyrics


Phobos And Deimos

Lyrics to The Sun Is Grey
The Sun Is Grey Video:
Will you join me in this darkness
Could you perhaps lend a hand
And be my companion in despair
Here's enough for both to share
No one can grasp what it's like
What I try to show with these words
I'ld rather die and burn in hell
than stay trapped in this darkened dwell

Even the sun is grey
Nothing to differ night from day
Even the sun is grey
How did I end up here astray

No blame I put on no devil, but nor can I thank any gods aid
In this nightmare I'm all alone, and everything is cold and hard as stone
Your world is heartless and hopeless, and what's right is never easy to define
Constantly watching the undertakers hearse
But honestly, mine is much worse

[Repeat verse 1]


Everyone's a stranger, and everywhere there's danger
My senses play tricks, showing macabre sights for me

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