Lyrics to The Summer of Like
The Summer of Like Video:
These shadows stroll
With a mind of their own
Onto each sidewalk
Safe from cars racing home

To each our own
Found in places unknown
Where we watch from the pedestals
We're perched on looking down
On everyone around

For the first time
I am alive
With your cheek bone
Pressed against mine
Between the silence
And you're breathing
I find my words
Across your ceiling

For the last time
I'll kiss you goodnight
We'll start again
Just as soon as
There's no sun light
I am numb with the thought of you
Completely numb
At the thought of you

In time, we'll learn
How to make it alone
But right now, I can't
Seem to distance myself

I've found in you
A place I can't explain
A place where I know
That I will be with you
'Til there's no air left to breathe in
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