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The Origins Of Ruin

Lyrics to The Suffocating Silence
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Something's going on here - the object is uncertain
But I can see the makings of a sinister design
The bristles of the tightening noose are scratching at my throat
And in Shadows, whispered voices plot to take from me what's mine

The tension's ever-mounting, and the dam's about to break

Something's going wrong here - the lines have all been broken
In the shelter of our silence conflicts keep upon themselves
We both have our agendas, if only we would voice them
But the guilt between us widens as we keep them to ourselves

In the suffocating silence
attended by our dreams
this emptiness devours
In the darkness of desire
where nothing's as it seems
our demons lie in wait
For you and me

Subconscious acts replace the spoken word and we express with cruelty what we neglect to say

And everybody's shouting, but no one can hear
and our desperate ringing fills my ears
And we all know that words can kill
but their absence is more lethal still

Something's going on here... sinister design
The tension's ever mounting, the dam's about to break
Failing to discuss it could be our last mistake
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